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Aprile 2019
Aprile 2019

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There is no better way to see the places than to look at them through the stories of the people who lived them; through the signs that those people have left you, the lives they have spent there, the journeys with which they have explored them, the joys, the experiences and the scents, the pains, the feasts, the boredom and the loves that in those places they have tied up. There is no better way to know the places that live their reality, their daily evolution, in the beauty of the seasons, even for a short time, so that the emotion of our senses, in visiting them, become the memory of a lifetime journey.
Traveling is nothing more than to hear the music that man and his stories, nature and its times play in the landscapes and that we can hear abandoning ourselves to the experience, so that it becomes unique. Only in this way can an ancient island, which may seem forgotten land enclosed by the sea, distant and alien, or the beautiful postcard of a gaze of others, filtered by other travels and travelers, would become our journey, unique.
Sardinia tells ancient places along the real signs of the past, through the eyes of history, archeology and the arts of human landscapes, real and alive.
Sardinia penetrates into the aromas and sounds of the present that are products of a past, remote but visible, tangible and emotionally strong. Sardinia travels with those who move and follow the paths of those who live or have lived places. Sardinia traces new roads towards new looks on real landscapes. Sardinia dreams that there is no better way to know than to travel in a real world.

Our Models

High-end vans, so that your holiday is the best memory we can give you

Knaus Boxstar 600 Solution

For decades, KNAUS has been synonymous with strength, durability and durability at the highest levels . This is the way to build, but from today with a lighter and avant-garde material. For example, high-performance polyurethane is used for timber reinforcement profiles. Thanks to the new material and our innovative Top Value Technology (TVT) we are able to make the side walls and the floor more homogeneous. The interior, uniform and optimized, greatly reduce the impact of moisture and temperature changes on the body .

Font Vendome Horizon H 100

Font Vendôme has over 35 years of experience in the construction of pre-assembled vans : a great expertise at the service of design and construction. Building on the experience gained and the specific know-how of the van product, the company trains every operator and supplier to the quality standards and exclusive solutions that distinguish the range.
Specialist in the van and specialized is able to offer an excellent and absolutely functional product.


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